Housing Trivia: Who Invented The Flush Toilet

by Michael on March 12, 2012

Like many things in the real estate there are a lot of myths that have been bandied around, and who invented the toilet (which doesn’t have much to do with appraisals) ranks up there as one of the oldest around. Many have come to believe that Thomas Crapper was the one to invent the flush toilet, heck, how many times have you heard someone say that they have to take a….. (well you know the rest).

Sir John Harington is given the credit for inventing the “water closet,” which he apparently talked his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth 1, into having the very first one installed. It was Alexander Cummings, a watchmaker, who filed the first flush toilet patent.

Thomas Crapper, a plumber and entrepreneur, was the ultimate salesman when it came to promoting the flush toilet. He had his last name printed on his merchandise, which is why most people have come to associate Mr. Crapper as having invented the toilet.

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