MN Tax Appeal

Property Appraisals for Tax Appeal Given the current real estate market conditions many people are finding that their tax assessed value is higher than the current market value really is. While we have to pay our real estate taxes, but that doesn’t mean we have to over-pay either. I’ve seen assessed values that were over twice the fair market value. Many city assessor’s try and get it right, however there many times that it’s just plain wrong.

According to the Tax Payer’s Union 30 to 60 percent of taxable property is over-assessed. Yet typically less than 5 percent of taxpayers challenge their assessments. The process is relatively easy if you follow the proper procedures; please go to to learn more about the process.

We’ve helped homeowners save hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year by teaching them the process and steps needed to take to get their tax assessed value lowered.  Please free to call with any questions.

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