A House Or Hotel For The Birds

by Michael on April 8, 2012

At first glance it would seem pretty harmless to have just one piece of siding missing on a house, but that’s unless the birds decided to turn it into their own hotel. All along the back of this house were several holes that the birds burrowed through the sheathing to build their nests. This would seem harmless and an easy fix, that is until you go inside the house. The smell was hardly bearable, and I’m assuming that it has to be from the all of the bird nests in the side of house.

This is an REO property that I was appraising that has been vacant for awhile, so it’s hard to say how long the freeloaders have been around. One thing is for sure, whoever purchases this house should most definitely get a home inspection; there’s no telling what the extent of the damage could be. What seems like a small problem could very well turn-out to be a huge expense.

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